Yoga for Men

We all know yoga is growing in popularity but did you know the demographic of people practising yoga is changing dramatically too? More younger people, more older people, more men!

Traditionally, in India, yoga was only practiced by men; in our culture it tends to be more popular with women. This can be a bit off-putting for men coming to their first yoga class; women are naturally more flexible and there is a perception out there that yoga is just about stretching.

However, what yoga is really about is connecting your awareness with the flow of your breath while you move your body to strengthen, stretch and release tension in it. And that’s where men have a huge advantage because men are strong! Picture yourself for a moment in plank pose, with a relaxed steady gaze and a smooth even breath while your teacher talks you through making subtle refinements to your alignment (for example keep your core engaged, don’t collapse in the middle of your body) and to where your attention is (notice the smooth passage of breath into your body).

The other advantage of being strong is feeling steady and capable as you move through the practice. When the body feels secure it is willing to release, in other words if you are strong you will naturally stretch more easily. And, as a lot of men lack flexibility, you will find your flexibility improves dramatically over the course of just a few classes. As humans we tend to be goal oriented; it's rewarding to make progress. Initially this progress might feel slow, however, letting go of the ego and just surrendering to the practice is a valuable learning.

Give yourself permission to just relax into a process unfolding and see where it takes you. Before you know it this will spill out a little into your life. If you would like a preview of what to expect in a class and a 45 minute class to practice at home you can follow my online class here

After just one class you will notice a change.


Ruza Leko