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How to Meditate - even if you think you can't.

After just three breaths your body and your mind have relaxed. Your blood pressure has dropped slightly and your heart rate has slowed down. The systems in your inner body have shifted from ‘busy-doing’ to ‘relaxing’. This is therapeutic and healing for every cell in your body. You have given your mind a little rest, a momentary pause to rest and refresh, like a shower in the midst of a busy day. 

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Yoga Nidra - a journey to letting go.

For all practitioners there is a sense that Yoga Nidra is place on an ongoing journey towards the liberation of the self, a journey of observing the experience of releasing, of expansion, of resting in stillness, quietness and peace. In other words, as you drop through all the layers of your outer self, seeing everything on the way down, you become aware of all those layers themselves. This awareness can be brought back on returning to normal waking consciousness. You are gifted a sense of space within yourself, a sense of time and a consciousness needed to help choose what to say, how to respond, what direction to go in, in each moment. Witnessing and sensing physical release as the body sheds layer after layer of tension and holding is one of the most blissful yet practical aspects of the practice.

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