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Restore and Renew

Make time for yourself!

Now, more than ever, you need to carve out some time for yourself. Time that doesn’t include shopping, eating, drinking or talking. Time to come back to yourself, to restore and renew, so you can re-emerge ready to sparkle!

December’s monthly two hour yoga workshop in The Park Community Centre is on Saturday 15th December, 2-4pm. We will start with pranyama (breath-work) to encourage a quietening of the thoughts. We will move thoughtfully through a full-range-of-motion practice to stretch and relax tight muscles and release tension in body and mind. This practice will be dynamic in doses, a vibrant yoga flow. We will come to lying very comfortably to rest deeply in Yoga Nidra - a practice that is said to offer the same therapeutic benefits to the body as three and a half hours of your deepest sleep. And for the mind …. a little break and a little adventure, a floating of the thoughts.

Book here by selecting 2 x €10 class passes

Enjoy balance, this Christmas, take the time to nuture yourself. January’s will be a detox :-)