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Advanced Yoga Workshop: a detox for breath, body, mind

Advance your yoga.

Take time to deeper into pranyama (breathwork) to compliment a strong vinyasa yoga flow with an emphasis on twisting and detoxing. Twists on the full exhale are said to be very cleansing, like wringing out a cloth. We will lengthen and soften and flow to allow fresh movement in the inner body, deep breaths to re-oxygenate, vibrant poses to awaken and revive the entire body. Emerge feeling brand new.

Not suitable for complete beginners, pregnant students or anyone with injuries, the practice will be instructed (as always) for mixed abilities. From new to advanced, all poses will have options and modifications: you are the guide for what feels right for you.

This practice will strengthen and tone your entire body especially the back and abdominal muscles. You will sweat and burn calories. You will stretch tight muscles and release tension from the body and the mind. You will breathe more deeply during and afterwards. You will massage your inner body and stimulate your digestive system. I recommend an empty stomach for your practice (last meal around 11am or have a light snack around 1pm). If you aren’t sure if you are suitable please check with me (I will most likely tell you you are!)

Looking forward to this one very much yogis, this will get us moving into the New Year with prana on fire :-)