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Advance your practice: arm-balances and inversions

Delve deeper into all aspect of your yoga practice. Your breath, your alignment, your awareness. Take your practice up a level. Learn a little more about the subtle aspects of yoga. Be more curious, be more patient. You have two full hours. Open up to new thoughts and patterns of movement and behaviour. Let old stuff, tightness and stagnancy go. Breath work to accompany each element of the practice for a deep cleansing of body and mind. On our current path, in each workshop, we are exploring handstand but this is optional, brief, and just for fun. There's no pressure to do any ‘peak’ pose; most of the practice is accessible to most with a little bit of crazy thrown in :-)

Each workshop has a slightly different theme, each one builds a little on the one before. Each is a stand-alone opportunity to go deeper and advance your practice. Please purchase 2 x single class passes to secure your place in our next workshop, Saturday April 13th.

April’s workshop will focus on shoulder stability and core engagement as we get playful and start to turn our little world’s upside down! We’ll close with a little yin yoga to let it all soak in.

All workshops take place in The Park Community Centre, Parklands Road, Dublin 24, map is here.