What does a yoga teacher do to find calm?

My first ever impression of yoga teachers was that they were so peaceful looking. Wow, I thought, what calm people! Then gradually, bit by bit, over the years, I became one. Someone who exudes calm. Now, I suppose, others look at me like I'm one of ‘them’ … those calm people. 

Yoga teachers don’t do yoga because we are effortlessly relaxed. We do yoga because we need to; we need help in finding inner peace. Perhaps we need help even more than others; perhaps we need help so much it becomes a life-long journey in learning how to find quiet amidst the chaos. Maybe the ones drawn to fully immerse themselves in a life of yoga are, in fact, the craziest of all of us humans! 

One of the most essential things in my life to remain calm is not, in fact, yoga. Yoga comes after this. It’s a calm environment. I’ve always kind-of known this but hadn’t really fully acknowledged and embraced it until l read a book about it. If you are looking to open your mind, beautify your world, find calm and peace and order everywhere you look around your home, I highly recommend you to read “Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo. Without a doubt the most profound book for me last year.  

I’m not great in those situations when things get rushed, panicked and messy. Of course, being a working mother of three, rushed and messy presents itself many times during the day. However, there’s a lot I can do to take care of my part in all of this. Early nights. Good nutrition and hydration. Things put back where they’re supposed to be. An ordered environment peppered with beautiful things that make me smile. Sparkles of joy. A neat diary kept up to date. Household items put back where they belong. A bit of messiness. A bit of craziness. A lot of calm. 

Maybe the new year will inspire you to take the time to find a little more order, eliminate unnecessary clutter, and simply notice what sparks joy in you and in your environment. It’s not about perfection; it’s about small subtle shifts over and over again to continue moving in the direction that brings you joy and peace. 

An uncluttered, tidy room with a clean floor and your yoga mat spread before you, just waiting for you to step into it’s oasis. And then you practice letting that calm just soak in.

Happy tidying yogis!

yogaSylvia Ferguson