Corporate Mindfulness Meditation


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”


Victor Frankl.


What’s it really all about?

New findings emerge all the time showing what a powerful factor mindfulness is with respect to our effectiveness, happiness and health. A regular meditation practice helps us become more mindful in our daily lives in many ways:

Calm and focus.

Learn how to relax at will. Learn how to focus your thoughts. As a result of focusing your thoughts your concentration improves, leading to greater productivity, better problem solving skills and less room for error or bad judgement. 

Less anxiety and stress

Your body relaxes so you are less tense, you move through life with greater ease. Blood pressure lowers, your nervous system switches to relaxation mode; this has a multitude of benefits for your all over health and wellbeing. Recognise stress building; with practice you become more tuned in to subtle internal signals of stress.

Greater energy and positivity

Slow down your endless, busy thoughts and relax your body by aligning it in a manner that promotes ease. Emerge from your practice refreshed and alert. 

Improved interpersonal relationships.

Become less reactive. Cultivate, at will, a more positive frame of mind. With a regular practice your confidence grows; you learn to breathe and simply stand your ground. 

Meditation makes you feel better

— in your physical body, in your mind and in your ability to decide where to direct your thoughts at any given moment in time. It is empowering, liberating and life-changing. 


Typically after one session participants report:

  • Feeling relaxed and refreshed

  • A more productive work day following the practice

  • Better quality of sleep that night

After three sessions participants report:

  • An ability to “do it” … an ability to sit quietly in stillness noticing their breath for a short time

  • A desire to meditate regularly, even just for three breaths

  • An ability to notice stress building, an ability to notice bad posture

  • Use of practices to overcome sleep difficulties or in moments of stress

After ten sessions participants report:

  • A regular practice, however short and sporadic

  • An overall improvement in feelings of well-being and being in control

  • Improved posture

  • Significant times where they use the practice in daily life

Corporate mindfulness meditation programs are available in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Typically classes take place in the workplace at lunchtime. Programs run for a number of weeks and are results-driven. Practices build and develop and guidelines are given for participants to develop their practice in everyday life. Emphasis on good alignment during class results in better posture. Sylvia is also a Dublin based yoga teacher, a tutor on teacher training courses and leads yoga and meditation retreats world-wide. Online yoga and meditation classes are available.