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Workshop: Advance Your Practice: A Series of Monthly Workshops

Advance your Practice and grow. Go deeper into your physical practice. Take your body through it’s full range of motion. Still your mind by focusing your thoughts on very precise alignment. Make subtle shifts, again and again, to access connection, strength and freedom. Release, stretch and soften from that place of strength. Then let it all soak in as you are guided through a deep, systemic, full relaxation of body and mind.

This is a two-hour workshop designed to take your yoga practice to the next level. Not suitable for complete beginners to yoga (min. 3 classes) but adaptable for all. A perfectly balanced practice, a 90 minute, alignment-based, vinyasa flow followed by a 30 minute Yoga Nidra. Emerge completely rejuvenated.

May: Root to Rise
June: Core
July: Side Body Long.
August: Release the weight of the world from your shoulders, then turn your little world upside down.

September: Hips, hips hooray.

October: Twist and shout.