The benefits of practising mindfulness … some manifest right away!

As well as teaching yoga classes I teach half hour mindfulness meditation in busy, high stress corporate environments and regularly ask participants for feedback.

In general most will find they can spend the duration of the class relaxed and quiet, in fact, the stumbling block here initially is the tendency to nod off to sleep!  Although we gather to practice a very valuable skill … becoming present or mindful, most find the immediate benefits arise from simply calming down.

The longer term benefits of learning this skill and practising it have significant positive effects on:

– Increasing your ability to manage stress and stressful situations

– Reducing anger, tension and exhaustion

– Developing greater awareness and intuition for ourselves and others

– Physical and mental health

– Increased vitality, immunity, better sleep, better relationships!

After just one class participants report returning to work feeling calmer, more relaxed, focused and in control. After a few classes this feeling extends beyond the duration of the class and into the hours and days that follow, having a positive effect on sleep patterns and stress levels in general. Typically towards the end of a six week course participants often have developed a habit of doing a short mindful practice daily, just as part of the daily routine, and report an ability to tap into this calmer, quiet way of being at will.

It’s not hard, it just takes a bit of guidance, patience and practice.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Victor Frankl. ‘Man’s search for meaning – life in the pause’.

I teach yoga classes and mindfulness meditation in Dublin, internationally on luxury yoga holidays and retreats and online classes so you can do yoga or meditation for stress relief and wellbeing at home. Here’s a link to a short video website on what to expect in your corporate mindfulness meditation class.