Yoga Pants .. what to wear?!

Ideally in a yoga class you are completely comfortable in your clothing and not aware of it at all. Tops are easy enough but it’s tricky finding the right pair of yoga pants, twice as hard if you are a man!

For men, light and flexible, not too baggy and not too short is key. Sports shops or maybe even a plain pair of pyjama bottoms might be your best bet.

For the ladies most of us love a plain back pair in the wardrobe; after that it's whatever you fancy in terms of print, colour, length and fabric.

I have travelled all over the world doing yoga and the lovely refreshing thing about yogis the world over is that we don’t really care what you wear … your own comfort is the only priority you should have. Once you are happy and comfortable in your yoga pants you will radiate comfort and joy and naturally look great in them!

The choice is endless, online or in a shop, ethically sourced or mass produced, made from organic cotton or recycled plastic or from synthetic fabric in the Far East. We all have our own preferences and ethics with our purchases so stay true to where you believe your money is best spent. For me it's quality over quantity, my favourite items of clothing in my whole wardrobe are my Lululemon yoga pants.

Try on carefully, squat and bend over, lift each knee to your chest, maybe do a down dog if space permits. A high waistline will offer you the most comfort and protection, for the young and toned a hipster waistline will offer freedom and comfort.. If you're not sure how see-through your yoga pants are just do down dog with a trusted friend to check, generally at the lower end of the price point this is a must!

Clean is essential. As a rule of thumb, as much as possible, all yoga clothing should be fresh out of the wash each time. It’s best to avoid strong perfumes in the yoga class so a freshly washed body with clean clothing is optimal, you’ll also feel your best.

Home practice, of course, is where anything goes. Wear your most ancient, most loved t-shirt with your comfiest pyjama bottoms or your oldest faded yoga pants and dance like nobody's watching!

Ruza Lekoyoga, yoga pants