Love and Joy

This week I lost a yoga student and a friend. Our lovely Gerri died. 

She had battled cancer for many years. When I first met her she was at an exciting time in her life; she beamed joy and enthusiasm and courage and love. The last time I met her was quite recently, in her house, guiding a yoga nidra practice for her and her dearest friends, much loved yoga students of mine.  

I felt so privileged to be a part of their small, but so open, circle of friends. We knew it was soon coming to an end for Gerri. We all felt so privileged to be there. She met us at the door, beaming joy and enthusiasm and courage and love. We chatted and hugged and laughed. We did our practice, warm socks, layers of blankets, the low light of mid winter, a fire crackling and candles brightly burning. 

It’s still in me, the feeling in the room as we all breathed the same rhythm of breath for nearly an hour together. Utterly present and completely in awe. I can recall it at will, it has soaked in.

Thank you to all of those wonderful people who go through life spreading so much love and joy that their love and joy radiates out of them and settles into the very being of those around them. Thank you, Gerri; you are with us forever more. 

Dearest yoga friends, I cherish each one of you even more now. I wish you all love and joy. Seek it out, soak it up, radiate it out.

Sylvia Ferguson