Book some relaxation time for yourself next weekend.

Self-care is a series of choice we make in life; we regularly and repeatedly look for ways to nurture ourselves while taking positive steps towards living the life of our dreams, the life we are worthy of!

Next weekend you have two choices; take the morning out to nurture yourself and focus on nourishment and digestion or get playful for two hours in the afternoon and take your body and your mind just outside it’s comfort zone.

Renew is happening on Saturday Morning October 13th, 9.00am -1.00pm, The Lecture Hall, Christchurch, Rathgar, Dublin 6. Nutrition with Anna Collins, yoga and meditation with me! Details are here, book here:

Advanced Yoga Workshop
Workshop in The Park on Saturday 13th; 2-4pm, will take you up a level in your yoga practice. We take a slower, more thoughtful approach to help us find strength, integration, softness and breath just when we most need it. Suitable for all levels, you can book here by selecting 2 x class passes.

It’s not always about the grand gestures in life, sometimes the baby steps we take are the most significant of all.

‘Basic neuroscience suggests that small periods of practice done at regular intervals throughout the day are the most efficient way to create enduring change in the brain.’ Prof. Richard Davis, Mindfulness Magazine.

Sylvia FergusonComment