Three weeks in: strength makes you softer.

Lessons learnt:

Slowing everything down is everything. My weightlifting is yoga slowed down. My trainer shows me what to do, my brain translates it to a yoga pose, and I transition in and out in very slow motion while holding a really heavy weight. I LOVE IT.

Weightlifting is yoga on fire. Breath, awareness, alignment …. everything has to ramp up a few levels to help me stay balanced and focused. Everything is on fire … I have woken up.

My body, my brain, my being, all of me loves being stronger. Sleep is better, body feels amazing, busy mind is calmer. I’m slower, in my actions and in my re-actions. I’m more present. I’m more thoughtful. I’m more aware of my disobedient shoulders and their tendency to round. I’m more aware of my strong back and my ability to hold my ground.

I started on this journey because I want a boost, I wanted to add some oomph to my life. The opposite has happened. I’m quieter. I’m compelled to spend more time and energy at home. The work I have to do next, my next stage of adventuring and growth, is me moving deeper inside to the unexplored terrain within the complexities of my own mind. Recognising my power, embracing it, and allowing it to quietly shine out in it’s own time.

My jeans are looser on the waistband and tighter on the bum!

Next week I’m ready for weights on the bar.

Sylvia FergusonComment