In order to relax deeply we must first engage.

This is a very simple, deep guided relaxation practice, best done with one person reading and instructing and one, or many, happy, relaxed, participants lying comfortably in savasana. 

Tension/relaxation practice from savasana. 

We begin lying down in savasana. 

In this practice we will be deliberately bringing a small pocket of tension into the body, observing it for a breath or two, and releasing it on the exhale. As the small pocket of tension relaxes so does the whole body. See can you feel your whole body relaxing a little more with each exhale. 

When I instruct you to move, try to move only that one small part. Watch out for tension wanting to creep in elsewhere; check your jaw; check your forehead remains relaxed, soft and smooth. Try to remain relaxed, and simply observe without getting caught up in any drama!

The sequence flows as follows: top of the right foot, point the toes away to stretch it. The whole right leg, just an inch or two off the floor. Repeat left side. The waistline … draw in like wearing a belt, then relax completely. The right hand curls into a fist, lower arm lifts, upper arm lifts, tense the shoulder, reverse the direction on the exhale, shoulder touches down first, then elbow, wrist, hand, fingers gently curl. Let the tension flow out of the finger tips. Repeat on the left side. Hunch up the shoulders, relax on an exhale. The face - scrunch it up, stretch it out - make every possible line of tension. Then, relax everything simultaneously, completely.  

From here the journeys are endless … a further deep guided relaxation, Yoga Nidra, silence, om chanting music, any music of your choice. A poem, a quote, a mantra, an affirmation. Or any creative thought, dream or vision that inspires you. 

Yoga teaches us the ability to relax at will. In that place of deepest relaxation we access Samadhi, our endless source of inner bliss. 

Love and very best wishes for the deepest of relaxations, 



When I am in that place in me where I am truly me, and you are in that place in you where you are truly you, there is one of us. 


Sylvia Ferguson