Yoga Workshops - Change your life!

Do one once a week, change your body. 

Do yoga twice a week, change your mind. 

Do yoga daily, change your life. 

Yoga workshops can sometimes seem either a little unnecessary or a little daunting. 

Some of us (me!) think …. ah sure, I love my weekly yoga class, it’s plenty, I’m grand. 

This is true, you are grand. However, just there beyond your comfort zone is a whole new way of thinking, being and doing that is waiting for you to reach out and grab. You’re grand if you want to stay as you are; if you are seeking growth, development and adventure you are not grand. You are worthy of far, far more. 

Some of us (me!) think, I’m not good enough. I’ll never be able to do the advanced yoga poses and that’s fine, I don’t mind being mediocre. 

Life fact: You are way more capable than you think you are. We all are. Not just at yoga but at everything. We all have potential beyond what we can even dream possible. Break through a perceived barrier on your yoga mat and you have broken through a barrier in life. 

Others amongst us are all over workshops - bursting with life and rising to every challenge. These lucky ones make it all look so effortless. Thanks for sharing the space with us, fun ones!

Monthly workshops are coming to The Park. These will take place the middle Saturday of every month, 2-4pm. The workshops are designed for a small group of yogis to have wall space and props to explore classic yoga poses in a new way. The physical yoga will be mixed up with pranyama (breath work to compliment your practice), deep thoughtful alignment exploration, a little yoga philosophy, a little science (biology and physics of movement) and a lot of stretching, softening and relaxing. And you’ll get to turn your little world completely upside down; shift everything you thought you knew about yourself. 

As always, a complete physical hatha yoga practice to take your body through full range of motion, with options and modifications offered. There is no pressure to do the advanced pose. Everyone works within their own comfort zone, gently exploring boundaries. Handstand workshops are particularly beneficial for core strength, shoulder alignment and for shifting your mood, your energy and your perspective. 

Our first workshop on Saturday 15th September, 2-4pm is closed for bookings with an open waiting list. Enquiries about the waiting list and future booking here

As one of my dear students noted after our stint in Marlay Park this summer … the passers-by look so much more interesting when viewed from upside down in down dog! 

Come and change your world with me, yogis, cannot wait for playtime!! 

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