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Who else loves the transition to boots and wooly scarves, fires and candles, crisp walks and hot drinks? How can we support our intention to continue on our path to our best lives as we prepare for the darkness of winter? 

Is it just me or do we all seem to ‘trend’ in life - phases of allowing ourselves to be pulled in a particular direction repeatedly just because that’s what is habitual and easy? Especially in the Winter and especially in Ireland where our night time starts at 4pm. 

I’ve gone through phases of binging on box sets or turning too easily for a comforting glass of wine. I’ve settled into periods of being slightly lethargic, uninspired and dull. I’ve gone through phases of booking travel, planning adventure, socialising and fun … and then burning out with too much happening and close relationships suffering.

Are we all simply greedy children; in our eagerness consuming too much of what is not that good for us? And if so, how do we monitor that, check that, reign it in? 

The psychologist, author and TedX Speaker Aisling Leonard Curtin talks about our ‘life worth fighting for’ and our ‘away moves’. In a very compassionate way, she explains that we all have withdrawing behaviours as humans, it’s just not possible to be on our best behaviour all the time. Phew, what a relief! 

What are your ‘away moves’?

Could you find away moves that are still support you in staying on your path to your best life? 

In our house we light the fire. Early. Daily. It’s a ritual, we all do it, and we all grumble, but we love it. The dirt of the ash emptied into the corner in the garden, the sting of the cold outside air. Duly wipe the glass of the stove every single time … the weak layer of grey dust going unchecked will soon produce a thick black layer. The strategic placement of fire lighter and logs, each one of us with our own ideal configuration. The burst of the flame. The light. The heat. The roar. The hypnotic shapes.  

Early nights, the move to offer the last round of teas for the night. The turning down of lights, pets to be put to bed, the move to upstairs.

Crisp walks daily, even when it’s grey and dull. Duty and love for our furry family compelling us off the couch. 

Planning therapeutic breaks. Planting seeds for spending time nurturing hobbies that support good health. Seeking out the company of others enjoying the same stuff in life, making ongoing baby steps towards that life worth fighting for. 

Join me. Dublin friends, you are in for a few treats. Two winter workshops, November 16th and December 14th are open for bookings. Two restorative hours on a Saturday afternoon to withdraw, nurture, and re-emerge. 

Yogis from all over: I have a very special Irish retreat in the planning stages: Orlagh House in Rathfarnham for a weekend in Spring, this will be a Friday evening to Sunday lunch time with options for residential or day tickets ~ very limited spaces, please register your interest with me early. 

Our inaugural retreat in the South of Spain next May, Immerse! with Josie Sykes sold out in less than a week, huge thanks to the adventurous yogis who jumped on this opportunity, we are so excited for this. 

Exotic Yoga Retreats are always a huge treat - Budapest in a few weeks, Mexico for Christmas and Portugal next June all have spaces. You will never regret investing in an experience such as these, in my experience each one unique and life-changing in it’s own way. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon on a mat, yogis, 

Kindest regards from a cool, calm, quiet Autumnal Dublin, 


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