Yoga Immersions with Sylvia this summer.

A yoga immersion is the perfect opportunity to take your practice up a level. Often, with a weekly class, we find ourselves repeating the same actions again and again. With an immersion we make tiny subtle shifts that can be repeated again very soon so the shift has an opportunity to soak in. From here, profound change has a chance to emerge.

For your summer delight you have options for a two hour immersion once a month, or an early rise for a one and a half hour workshop the three mornings surrounding the summer solstice.

These workshops take place in The Yoga Hub, Camden Place, Dublin 2.

Summer solstice immersion:
Refine your practice to flow with fluidity and ease.

A vinyasa based flow designed to take you deeper into your practice, strengthen areas of weakness and stretch more deeply. Classic sun salutations and hatha yoga poses done with awareness and attention to detail.

An uplifting, energising practice to take you through the summer solstice and send you out into your day beaming with vitality!

Monday, 19 June, 7-8.30am
Wednesday, 21 June, 7-8.30am
Friday, 23 June, 7-8.30am

Monthly yoga immersions:
Advance your Practice and grow. Go deeper into your physical practice. Take your body through it’s full range of motion. Still your mind by focusing your thoughts on very precise alignment. Make subtle shifts, again and again, to access connection, strength and freedom. Release, stretch and soften from that place of strength. Then let it all soak in as you are guided through a deep, systemic, full relaxation of body and mind.

These two-hour workshops are designed to take your yoga practice to the next level. Not suitable for complete beginners to yoga (min. 3 classes) but adaptable for all. A perfectly balanced practice, a 90 minute, alignment-based, vinyasa flow followed by a 30 minute Yoga Nidra. Emerge completely rejuvenated.

Sunday 21st May 12.30 – Root to rise.

Sunday 18th June 12.30 – Core.

Sunday 23rd July 12.30 – Side Body Long.

Sunday 20th August 12.30 – Release the weight of the world from your shoulders, then turn your little world upside down.

Sunday 24th September 12.30 – Hips, hips hooray.

Sunday 22nd October 12.30 – Twist and shout.

Travelling yogis, you can find me in Switzerland and Italy this summer with Exotic Yoga Retreats.

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