Why a yoga holiday is the best holiday

I like my holidays abundant. Plenty of adventure, sunshine and fine food. Loads of sleep and no end of good fun.
Add to that an emphasis on relaxation and wellness, something new to learn, explore or discover and you have my perfect holiday. The goodness of the holiday extends way beyond the short break, nourishing me for months to come, maybe even planting life-changing seeds.
As humans we tend to respond best to gradual, subtle change that occurs within our comfort zone. Daily immersion in short, accessible and very enjoyable yoga and meditation practices is one of the ways lasting change in our daily habits and behaviours can occur.
‘Basic neuroscience evidence suggests that small, short periods (of mindfulness) done many times in a way that can actually be sprinkled throughout the day is a really powerful way to promote enduring change in the brain.’(1)
Yoga students often ask me to recommend yoga holidays and I have always been reluctant to, until now. Exotic Yoga Retreats (2) offers the best in luxury holidays with expert yoga tuition and a focus on absolute wellbeing. Each venue is unique and full of character, incredible thought is put into food and wine choices and the flow of the day is attentive to the personal preferences of each guest.
Combine the therapeutic effects of sprinkles of mindfulness with a daily physical practice of yoga, a walk, a swim or a lazy afternoon by the pool in the sunshine. Enjoy fresh delicious food and wine, grown, perhaps, in the gardens surrounding you. Soak up sunshine and local culture and there’s your perfect holiday, your yoga holiday.
I will be teaching with Exotic Yoga Retreats this summer, May and September in Umbria, Italy for Wine, Dine and Yoga! I will be in Provence, Switzerland in August for a luxury yoga break. If you can’t come and holiday with me don’t forget I can teach yoga on your holiday with you … downloadable classes are perfect for a yoga mat / beach towel / deck / balcony anywhere in the world! Online classes
(1) Professor Richie Davidson. Mindful Magazine, August 2014.
(2) www.exoticyogaretreats.com

Ruza Leko