5 reasons more men than ever are doing yoga at home

There are three types of people in the world, those who are doing yoga, those who are thinking of doing yoga and those who have no intention of ever doing yoga. In America a whopping 34% of people fall into the middle group.

Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance recently released data from their largest ever Yoga in America Study and found although 37 million Americans are already on the yoga mat a further 80 million are likely to try yoga in the next year.(1)

Surprisingly, 80% of those questioned are doing yoga outside the studio with a lot of them practising at home with an on-screen teacher. The biggest growth market is men.(2)

So why are the men staying at home?

  1. Privacy. Like any new skill yoga can be tricky initially. A lot of men have strength but lack flexibility, ease and fluidity on the mat. That can be a bit intimidating in a group; especially a part of the practice involves sticking your backside in the air! Most like to cultivate a bit of know-how before facing a group class … if at all.
  2. Time-efficiency. Yoga ticks two boxes, body and mind. Roll out your mat in your living room and you’ve saved travel time. Only have 20 minutes? Enjoy a stretch before heading out in the morning? Feeling tense after a long day? No problem.
  3. Distractions. With time and practice your yoga mat becomes your island. The moment you step on it you enter a safe haven of tranquillity where everything is ok. This takes time and patience and can be difficult to cultivate in a group environment, especially when faced with backside in the air as mentioned in paragraph 1.
  4. It’s easy. No driving, no parking, no shaving, no clothing (optional and surprisingly popular!).
  5. It’s a guilt free low commitment purchase guaranteed to enhance your wellbeing … who doesn’t love that!

Yoga enhances mental clarity, strength and balance and dexterity.(3) And it’s definitely not just for girls.

Ruza Lekobeginners, men, yoga