Yoga for Beginners

A lot of people are doing yoga, a lot of people are hearing about yoga, curious about yoga but don’t really know where to start or what to do.

What yoga is about is connecting your awareness with the flow of your breath while you move your body to strengthen, stretch and release tension in it. Initially it can be difficult to connect breath and movement, don’t get too caught up with this, follow the instructions for the movement and the breath will follow. With time and practice your entire yoga class can become a moving meditation.

I always suggest to people enquiring about my yoga classes to just come along with an open mind, assuming there are no injuries or physical limitations. In the case of an injury or limitations a short chat with the yoga teacher might be all that is required or doctor’s blessing might be requested. Assuming all is well beginners are usually well able to come along to any yoga class I teach and just follow along as best as they can, staying at the comfortable edge of any stretch and listening carefully to their own bodies to move safely and with ease through the practice. Give yourself permission to just relax into something and see where it takes you and before you know it this will spill out a little into your life.

A lot of people prefer to practice at home, either initially to get used to it or on an ongoing basis. Here’s where Sylvia’s Yoga Online can help you. In the comfort of your own home you can watch me, listen to me and familiarise yourself with the basics of what to expect in a yoga class. You don’t even have to put a pair of yoga pants on, pj’s are fine!

The practice currently being offered is a basic all-round, feel-good mindful yoga flow, suitable for all. Over the coming months I will be developing a library of classes for you to choose from. Please get in touch with any questions, suggestions or special requests, I’m happy to help.

Ruza Leko