Yoga retreat: is it about what you gain or what you loose?

Yoga retreat: is it about what you gain or what you loose?

August 20, 2016by sylviafergusonin BeginnersEventsMenYogaYoga holidaysyoga pants

As humans we tend to spend a lot of our lives on ‘autopilot’. Not just our actions but the same ole’ thoughts, the same repetitive habits. In yoga we call these ‘samskaras’ or psychological imprints.

On holidays we break out of the mold. We shake up the routine, we taste new food,  we meet new friends. Below the surface, however, the familiar patterns of thought and behavior remain … unless we do something to quieten that endless stream of thoughts. This mental quiet is cultivated on our yoga mats.

Without exception, when we go through the motions of making our way onto our yoga mats for practice we are doing so from a place of being our ‘best selves’. With the guidance of the practice and our teachers we are taught to express gratitude, to let go of judgement and criticism. We are taught to become present, not to dwell on the past or worry about the future but enjoy the moment, whatever it brings. We are encouraged to step boldly forward; we are taught how to access our own inner strength.  We become more courageous about expressing our authenticity without worrying about what others are thinking, doing or saying.

On the first day of yoga retreats we meet and sit together, full of smiles and anticipation. Like children, part wonder, part fear. Ego is sitting prominently beside us on the mat as we mentally check if we are ‘good enough’; is my mat ok? Are my yoga pants ok? Is my yoga practice ok?

On the last day of the retreat we meet and sit together, full of smiles and a hint of sadness. Ego has left the room a long time ago and we sit. Accepted and valued. Stronger and quieter.

“When I am in that place in me where I am truly me and you are in that place in you where you are truly you there is only one of us.”

Come on retreat, loose the stupid scripts inside your head no longer serving you, connect repeatedly with your best self. Learn about yourself by learning about others, flawed but lovable regardless.

Last minute bookings for Italy in early September, bookings open for the West of Ireland in October  Soon to be announced mini urban retreat in YogaHub, Dublin City Centre in December, ongoing monthly Yoga Nidra workshops