When you see someone has purchased a Yoga Nidra Audio at 3.30am the night before...

Yoga Nidra is a practice designed to bring you to that delicious place between sleep and awake. We focus so intently on each little part of the body the brain decides there’s no requirement to focus on any one part any more, the thoughts dissolve into a blissful awareness of just ‘being’. However, for many of us, once that relaxation state is reached we slip effortlessly into a calm, deep sleep. 

I am often told how valuable people find my audio Yoga Nidra practice as an aid to falling asleep. I woke up this morning to see a purchase at 3.30am local time last night. I get it. This is me sometimes. The darkest hour of the night and sleep is nowhere to be found. I am humbled and grateful that some sleepless soul reached out the the dark and found the ability to relax and surrender. 

Once you click through and purchase, the code is yours to use again and again from multiple devices. You can use your mobile phone beside you in bed. When the practice ends it just shuts off. 

I have had feedback from students who arrange Yoga Nidra en Famille!, the whole gang tucked up on the living room floor… great fun for the kids and invaluable for little anxious minds. 

They say, once you have accessed that deeper level of relaxation in the physical body that it remains there for you to access at will. I witness, in established yogis, the ability to drop to that level in just a few moments of quiet, lying on the mat. Our natural state of being, in the absence of tension and worry, is one of bliss. 

Of course, life kicks back in, and off we go again and tension builds up. The never-ending journey, as humans, towards our better selves continues. I hope I can help on that journey. 




Sylvia Ferguson