Yoga Nidra / Online class

Yoga Nidra / Online class


Enjoy Sylvia guiding you through a relaxing and restorative 45 minute practice to calm the mind and ease tension in the body.

Yoga Nidra, or Yogic sleep is a traditional and methodical approach to complete relaxation that systematically releases tension, stress or fatigue that may be held in your body.

Many practitioners find they will fall asleep during the process and use Yoga Nidra as an aid to sleeping. Ideally Yoga Nidra takes you to that delicious place between sleep and awake where you feel completely relaxed and at ease in your body and your mind.

Get comfortable and warm, either in bed or on a yoga mat on the floor with blankets and and a small pillow if required and prepare to drop down into blissful serenity.

The practice is suitable for everyone. Those with a history of mental health issues including panic attacks should check with a doctor before doing the practice. Pregnant ladies should prepare to come to lying on one side for some or all of the practice.


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