Yoga Teachers - Six ways to pack your classes!

It’s silly season. The second the sun comes out in Ireland yoga takes second place to late evening sunny walks, barbecues and beer gardens. And so it should be, seasonality is one of the greatest joys of living. Yoga teachers, embrace the quieter time and prepare to pack your classes when the last of the summer wine starts to diminish! 

Start planning now and prepare to get the word out about your offering to the community to make your yoga classes an integral part of your students’ wellbeing plan for life. Design an attractive package, plan your marketing, and prepare to have your wonderful voice heard and loved by many. 

1. Structure a course. 4 weeks or 6 weeks. We love structure, we love commitment. Offer a small discount, eg. 6 weeks €55 or €10 per class to drop in. 

2. Put posters in local shops and inside the venue. Leaflet drops are expensive and time-consuming but maybe look into it now as an options for September. Remember September is HUGE so start planning it now. From the time you see 'Back to School' ads (July/August) you should be ready to start your September marketing. 

3. A sign outside the venue. A blackboard is gorgeous if you are good at art. 

4. Special offer promotions, e.g. bring a friend for a fiver. 

5. E mail often. Get GDPR ready. Request e mail addresses from every drop in and e mail them weekly to remind them class is coming up. Remind them how amazing they will feel afterwards!

6. Facebook posts, keep them positive, regular and informative. Instragram, twitter, linkedin - go to where your audience hang out to connect with them. People have to see your message seven times before they will act.

Above all act with integrity in everything you do. Every time you put yourself out there shine out your best self. Your job as a yoga teacher is to spread kindness and help to teach the world to relax. Go forth and enjoy!