Yoga workshops are coming to The Park Community Centre!

Yogis, it’s time to up your game!

In a one hour class we take our bodies through full range of motion, exploring breath work, greater strength and ease in our movements and sometimes new shifts in awareness. In a two hour practice we can go so much deeper. 

Explore what happens to your body and your mind when you move closer to the edge of your comfort zone. 

All workshops are mixed ability but not suitable for complete beginners to yoga. If you are not sure, please check with me. 

We progress safety though the practice, there is no pressure to do the ‘peak pose’. 

Handstand workshops are particularly beneficial for core strength, shoulder alignment, and for creating energy and a positive mood that lasts for days! 

Places are limited: we are restricted to 20 participants max so we each have our own wall space. 

First workshop is Saturday 15th September, 2-4pm, The Park Community Centre. €20.

You can prepay here by selecting 2 x €10 class passes or pre-book with me in any class. 

Thanks to those eager yogis who are already booked, this is going to be good! 

Any questions at all, just let me know. Yes, you are strong enough. 

Looking forward to turning your little world upside down! if it goes well we’ll come back for more in October. 

Sylvia FergusonComment