Five reasons you should spend more time with yogis.

Yogis … people who practice yoga.

You are ever only one decision away from a new life, your own life but better. What you do with your time and who you choose to spend time with influences this. I think you should spend more time with yogis and here’s why. 

1. We are chilled.

Yogis are relaxed, calm people. There is no unnecessary fuss, there is no drama. There is a code of ethics in the yoga texts that has a ‘rule’ of non-greed. Asteya. Don’t be greedy, don’t hog the conversation, don’t take up more than your share of space, your share of drama. Yoga people are easy company, you will feel instantly at home with us. 

2. We’re cool.

Well, actually we are mostly ‘normal' people who try hard at life, however messy and imperfect it may sometimes be. We’ve lived, loved, learnt and lost, and tried again. And again, and again, and again. But essentially we’re all here because we’re slightly mad. Which makes us kind of cool. Think of The Breakfast Club. 

3. We’re fun.

We tend to be healthy, happy people embracing life and up for it. You can expect outdoor adventures, exploration and discovery, raucous laughter, maybe even a spontaneous dance or an inappropriate yoga pose. Hang out with yoga people and it could get messy and fun. 

4. We’re serious.

We can get up really early, we can show up. We value silence, tradition and routines. We can commit and follow through. We have respect, for our practice, for ourselves and for others. Hang out with yoga people and you will be drawn back to your ‘best self’ again, and again, and again. 

5. We’re very easy to love.

It’s our goal! To love ourselves more, to love our lives more, to love each other more. You will fall in love with your yoga people very easily. It’s helpful that we’re all fairly good looking too, all that relaxing smoothes out the lines of tension on our faces and we radiate joy. To know us is to love us, and our tribe is very welcoming. 

So, what’s next? Plan a workshop, plan a retreat. My next retreat is in Budapest with Exotic Yoga Retreats this November. The emphasis is on embracing new, fresh experiences, yoga, culture and fun. This could be your life. Join us!