It's time to get strong.

It’s always a good time to shift a gear. Picking up something very heavy, with awareness, repeatedly … even when it’s really hard, is an excellent way to shift a gear in a very positive trajectory. Deadlifting is the king.  

I’m on a personal mission. I need strength. I need to fuel my inner fire. I need to push myself a little more than I think I should have to. I need to strengthen my bones. I need to wear a bikini at Christmas while eating avocados and drinking margaritas. Join me on my five week journey for yogi to dead-lifter.

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Yoga Workshops - Change your life!

Life fact: You are way more capable than you think you are. We all are. Not just at yoga but at everything. We all have potential beyond what we can even dream possible. Break through a perceived barrier on your yoga mat and you have broken through a barrier in life. 

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